papercut edit B


papercut edit A

I’m getting more and more interested in paper-cuts lately.  I like the fact that the artwork is still pretty much two-dimensional, but is very much intertwined with the space around it, and that is  the thing I like playing with. The artwork above (titled Complex Beech) was initially made for ‘Cut’, a show at Electric Angel Gallery, and has also since been exhibited at The Old Parcels Office – a wonderful soon-to-be artist studio complex at Scarborough Railway Station. The space has had a new roof and has enormous skylights, but the interior is still quite derelict at the moment. It’s a wonderful space even so! (See top photo). The bottom two images show the work in a domestic space, shown for our art event ‘Art At The Lodge‘ last December. A group show, there were great artworks on show by Jo Holmes, Iain Nicholls, Matt Willcox my sister, Kathryn Welford, and my daughter Grace, who despite her tender years will be soon launching her online shop selling her  range of laser-cut coasters and tree decorations. Have a look at the Art At The Lodge website here…

Complex Beech was very labour intensive artwork – hand-cut from a sheet of handmade Indian Khadi paper. It measures 70 x 103cm and is available for sale. Please do give me a call or drop me an email if you’re tempted!

I’m also developing some laser-cut artworks with the aim of making things a bit less labour intensive with a price that reflects this. The extremely tolerant and accommodating folk at Don French Signs are letting me play with their cutter! So watch this space…