With The City of York Council almost ready to move into York’s original railway station, my ‘Maps’ artwork has now been installed. The large screen and manifestation lines (anti-bumping into clear glass ‘thingumajigs’) will be viewable in the customer services area by the end of March. Above shows a small selection of the 72 discs created – which were designed to chart the history of the West Offices and the development of the city. Whilst researching the commission I was really struck by the graphics found on an old 1851 OS map; and wanted to adapt some of the lines, shapes and building structures seen within and around the original railway tracks. Discovering Seebohm Rountree’s map graffiti was also a revelation and something I wanted to incorporate. His studies of poverty in York led him to write notes and make drawings directly on to maps during the turn of the 19th century.

More on West Offices and the big screen to follow >