What a rare treat it was to hang out at Scarborough’s Sea Swim hut on the south bay as part of their summer residency spots; and finally get round to doing some freeform drawing.

Funded by the innovative program Imove, Sea Swim believes that swimming can invigorate both the mind and the body – and collaborates with regional artists to explore the creatively liberating effects of being so close to the North Sea.

As part of my weekend in and around the beach hut I wanted to return to my studies on ‘horizon lines’, a personal drawing project which has been on hold for some time. I had fun running an experimental drawing workshop – Light and Line, but the real luxury was to reconnect with the constantly changing quality of light over the sea and to spend time on open ended research drawing. I produced initial sketches, which I intend to develop into a new body of work using black pigment and graphite. For the time being I envisage sticking with drawing, but who knows, maybe there’ll be some glass work too eventually.