I’m frantically designing artworks for a fab public art project in York. The City of York Council are moving offices – to a great building on the site of the original ‘old’ railway station, just inside the city walls from the current ‘new’ station. The new West Offices development is part renovation of the original station buildings and part new build including a canopy over where the railway lines were. The plans look great, it’s going to be a stunning building. I’m making a large glass screen which will be part of a wall in the main customer services area. I’m also making a whole series smaller glass artworks which will be bonded to the main entrance doors to function as ‘manifestation lines’ – the things that stop people bumping into glass walls and doors.

My artworks are all based round maps of the area, linking to the history of the site. I’ve been researching the area and finding old maps which are fascinating. I’ll be adding bits and bobs about my research, but thought I’d start by sharing some of the images I’m finding and hoping to use in the artworks. Here’s a few images extracted from the 1851 OS map of the area at the whopping scale of 5ft : 1 mile which I’m now so familiar with I think I could draw it freehand with my eyes closed! I think this map is fantastic looked at from a visual rather than an information focus, although the information on there is fascinating too.

This one was part of Seebohm Rowntree’s survey of poverty in York. His first survey was conducted in 1899. Thanks to the Rowntree Society for their assistance!