York Hospital – Theatre Lift Ceiling

The panel we made for the Theatre lift was quite unusual, and maybe even unique in that it's main purpose was to give patients on their way to or from theatre something to look at and, hopefully, a welcome distraction from the other things on their mind. In line with our 'tree' theme, this lift featured the Silver Birch and had accompanying text about the bird life characteristic to Birch woodland. Applying layers of cut vinyl onto the ceiling was a tricky business. Here's a couple of shots of the process, showing our trusty signwriter Don French applying the vinyl…Read more

York Hospital commission – complete!

Three lifts in York Hospital are now adorned with glass panels. We're pretty pleased with them. I showed details in my previous post, and now here are a few shots of them in their entirety. Beech and Horse Chestnut are the latest ones to be installed. The final one 'Silver Birch' is a little different so that's going to get a post all of it's own. This project was a collaboration with Adrian Riley of Electric Angel Design.Read more

Lifts for York Hospital – ready to go!

Well the van is packed and we're ready to go. I'll be driving very carefully along the A64 tomorrow, taking care of our precious cargo! Here are a few details of the glass panels we're making to go in the the back of three lifts. We're particularly pleased with how the text and images become highlighted with reflected light. The panels have a rear layer of mirror, creating a lovely glow through layers of sandblasting and printed colour.Read more

Nearly there – York Hospital Lifts fabrication

Tomorrow is a big day! It's installation day for our glass panels - going into lifts in York Hospital. This project has been a collaboration with Adrian Riley of Electric Angel Design, and I must say, it's been a joy to be part of a team. Adrian and I are collaborating more and more, and it's a great way of working. Don French - our trusty signwriter has also helped significantly on this one - here we all are, weeding and applying vinyl in preparation for sandblasting.Read more

Everyone’s Always Somewhere

'Everyone's Always Somewhere' is now the official title of our now completed Old Railway Line project. It's the first line of the poem written by poet John Clarke in response to discussions with users of the old railway line. The phrase is actually a direct quote from one of the first young people we chatted to. I'm pleased it has now become the title. The picture with the blue strip shows the glass strips which are silvered on 3 sides and inserted between the flags to add detail, depth and luminosity to the…Read more