La Lanterna

    La Lanterna restaurant is not only one of the best examples of Italian cuisine in the region but also one of the finest in the country; Italian daily newspaper La Stampa even dared to label it ‘the English temple of Italian cuisine’. So, I was honoured when owner and head chef, Giorgio Alessio, and his interior designer Jan Bee Brown (also a distinguished artist and theatre designer) asked me to help play a part in the refurbishing of his restaurant by designing some glass panels. With La Lanterna now back in full swing—I…Read more

West Offices | Part Two

  Now that the City of York County Council team, are well and truly settled in their new West Offices HQ, I want to share with you a little more about the big screen I was commissioned to create for their new handsome old railway station dwelling. The site-specific artwork, which is a blend of sandblasted and mirrored glass, was designed to act as a screen which can help separate the customer services area and private offices. To create the design, hand drawn tracings were made from contemporary and historic OS maps of…Read more

Bridlington Headworks

I'm currently working on the creation of wall panels and glass balustrade for the Headworks pumping station on Bridlington's South Promenade. Yorkshire Water are undertaking a major programme of work to improve bathing water in Bridlington, and this commission is to be sited on a new extension to the Headworks building. The 1st of May 2013 was the first day of the bathing season, and so it seemed appropriate to choose this date as the one on which to take a 'snapshot' of contemporary seafront life. This 'snapshot' is the starting point for…Read more

West Offices | Part One

      With The City of York Council almost ready to move into York’s original railway station, my ‘Maps’ artwork has now been installed. The large screen and manifestation lines (anti-bumping into clear glass 'thingumajigs') will be viewable in the customer services area by the end of March. Above shows a small selection of the 72 discs created - which were designed to chart the history of the West Offices and the development of the city. Whilst researching the commission I was really struck by the graphics found on an old 1851…Read more


Work has begun on a new commission to help revamp Giorgio Alessio's award winning restaurant 'La Lanterna' - described by the influential Italian daily newspaper La Stampa as ‘the English temple of Italian cuisine’. I have been in cahoots with the very talented theatre designer Jan Bee Brown, who has been assigned the task of interior design and our mission is to create a newly spruced home suitable for some of the most highly commended gastronomical cucina in the country. As Giorgio is looking to blend a little of his native roots of Piedmont with his adopted…Read more