I'm getting more and more interested in paper-cuts lately.  I like the fact that the artwork is still pretty much two-dimensional, but is very much intertwined with the space around it, and that is  the thing I like playing with. The artwork above (titled Complex Beech) was initially made for 'Cut', a show at Electric Angel Gallery, and has also since been exhibited at The Old Parcels Office - a wonderful soon-to-be artist studio complex at Scarborough Railway Station. The space has had a new roof and has enormous skylights, but the…Read more

Art At The Lodge

I'm enjoying the blossoming trend of the 'Open Studios' which have been sweeping the nation over the last few years; and particularly admire the opportunities each provide for artists to reach a wider and alternative audience. Not only do we get a rare glimpse into the creative environment—we often get to view some of the artwork lovingly placed in a home setting—as opposed to gallery walls. So, with that logic and a desire to have a wee seasonal celebration ..I've decided to host an open house weekend during the early winter, and have…Read more

Goedereede Arts Week, The Netherlands

I recently exhibited in 'Mothers and Daughters'  alongside Jan Bee Brown (who also curated the show), Stef Mitchell and Franka Wurzer. The exhibition, one of several in private houses opened for the duration of the festival, included work from the 'Woodend' series of window hangings, and glass wall panels. An exchange/collaboration with Coastival (Scarborough) and the Goedereede Arts Week festival is being researched for 2013, so watch this space for further details!              Read more

Art in Action

Art in Action is fabulous! A four day art fair where over 200 artists demonstrate as well as exhibit. I demonstrated for the first time this July, and had immense fun. Non stop talking to a constant flow of visitors for 4 days! Sold like hot cakes too. Hurray! Brilliant atmosphere and lovely people, tons to see and do, fab food, and in the beautiful surroundings of Waterperry House and Gardens, Oxfordshire. I thoroughly recommend it, for both visitors and artists! The light in the marquees was quite flat, so in the photo…Read more

Playing at Art + Play

I recently took my daughter to have a look at the Art + play exhibition. I was happy to see that our artwork worked! She loved running and  walking through it, wafting and swirling the fabric around. I was also happy to see that the white ring reinforcements, as well as sticking to the silk, were also now dotted around the floor in true 'snowflake' style! Not sure the gallery staff will be quite so happy when it comes to removing them! Here's a few shots of other artworks in the show -…Read more
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