Everyone’s Always Somewhere

'Everyone's Always Somewhere' is now the official title of our now completed Old Railway Line project. It's the first line of the poem written by poet John Clarke in response to discussions with users of the old railway line. The phrase is actually a direct quote from one of the first young people we chatted to. I'm pleased it has now become the title. The picture with the blue strip shows the glass strips which are silvered on 3 sides and inserted between the flags to add detail, depth and luminosity to the…Read more

Railway project installation starts!

Yesterday was the first time I actually saw the etched paving, and I must say it looks great! I really like how the etched area shows the curvy bmps of the glass chips which is a nice contrast to the smoothness of the rest of the surface. They glint beautifully in the sunlight too. There have been lots of delays and hitches with this project - sometimes useful (giving a little extra time to do some silvering), sometimes frustrating (waiting for pay day). It is the groundwork preparation that has been slow, which…Read more

Railway project silvering

The railway public art project is being installed! see the project's own blog for a full pictorial archive. Silvering the glass strips that are to be inserted between etched paving slabs proved a little tricky. In the end, it was the rather low temperature of my studio (10 degrees C) that was the problem. A cosy 21 degrees was needed to make the chemical reactions work. A god excuse to whack up the heating! Angel Gilding supplied the silvering kit - it came all the way from the USA! I could seriously get…Read more

Old Railway Line public art project

A public art project on the Scarborough - Whitby Old Railway Line is my most recent project. Commissioned by Scarborough Borough Council and the Friends of the Old Railway Line this is a joint project with Adrian Riley of Electric Angel Design. The finished artwork will be ground based and will act as both signage and waymarker. Visually the artwork is inpsired by period railway typography with giant lettering and subtle glass inserts within paving made from recycled glass. Poetry by John Wedgewood Clarke is being etched into the surface. We went to…Read more