Tapton House, Sheffield

  Bringing nature inside - a commission for a lovely modernist house full of floor to ceiling plate glass. The internal window features imagery sourced from the garden. With multiple layers of glass, reflections and views through to foliage outside, inside and outside really do seem to merge. And of course it all changes with the light and weather!  Read more

ELEMENTAL, Jean Bishop Integrated Care Centre

  Artworks commissioned for the Jean Bishop Integrated Care Centre, Hull, 2019 The uplifting effects of nature and its positive influence on our health was the overarching theme for the series of artworks commissioned for the Jean Bishop Integrated Care Centre, Hull. The four elements form the anchoring focus for the project. Air, Water, Fire and Earth are taken to represent our primal connection with nature. I also make links between each of the four elements and the local area from a historical or sociological perspective. WATER - the stripes and strata of…Read more

PhD Showtime

  My time as a PhD student at Sunderland University is drawing to a close, and I am exhibiting a selection of work produced during my studies in the Research Gallery at The National Glass Centre, Sunderland. My research has explored how changing natural light interacts with multiple surfaces of flat glass. I have developed artworks using silver mirror, sandblasting and screen-printed enamel, creating layers of imagery with varying degrees of reflectivity and transparency. The resulting complex spatial relationships combine with the ephemeral phenomena of shadow and reflection to create artworks that change with the passage…Read more


  THIS SERIES OF 12 WINDOWS is inspired by 'The Reckoning of Time' — Bede's greatest scientific achievement. Written in 725AD, the book calculated a 1253 year cyclical calendar thereby creating the basic of the western calendar we still use today. For Bede, science and Christian faith were intertwined and 'The Reckoning of Time' draws parallels between the workings of the natural world and passages in scripture that seek to explain God's relationship with creation. The bible passages integrated into the designs here were chosen by the present day community of St Peter's church. Bede's observations…Read more


    I'm getting more and more interested in paper-cuts lately.  I like the fact that the artwork is still pretty much two-dimensional, but is very much intertwined with the space around it, and that is  the thing I like playing with. The artwork above (titled Complex Beech) was initially made for 'Cut', a show at Electric Angel Gallery, and has also since been exhibited at The Old Parcels Office - a wonderful soon-to-be artist studio complex at Scarborough Railway Station. The space has had a new roof and has enormous skylights, but the…Read more