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My time as a PhD student at Sunderland University is drawing to a close, and I am exhibiting a selection of work produced during my studies in the Research Gallery at The National Glass Centre, Sunderland.

My research has explored how changing natural light interacts with multiple surfaces of flat glass. I have developed artworks using silver mirror, sandblasting and screen-printed enamel, creating layers of imagery with varying degrees of reflectivity and transparency. The resulting complex spatial relationships combine with the ephemeral phenomena of shadow and reflection to create artworks that change with the passage of time.

My main focus is on architectural glass artwork, that is, glass designed to become part of the fabric of a building, structure or urban space, but this often originates with  drawings and other work on paper. Using the reflectivity of graphite and the matt qualities of powder pigment I explore interactions between artwork surface and light.

25 JANUARY — 29 MARCH 2020

National Glass Centre, Liberty Way, Monkwearmouth, Sunderland SR6 0GL