Not long since, I made a very enjoyable road trip to visit a client in Cheshire, which took me right through the heart of Derbyshire’s Peak District. Whilst inspired by the opportunity to explore a trace of the beautiful national park, chiefly I went to cast an eye on how the double-glazed units that I’d designed, now look in situ, and was really happy with the outcome.

A private residence commission, the design brief was to create original glass panes which would provide privacy for a bathroom and a front door panel, with the client particularly expressing a soft spot for Beach and Silver Birch trees. So, I set to work on designing an artwork which I hoped would capture the essence of these handsome trees and explored how the reflections would alter their appearance throughout the day, night and those moments in-between.

And the good news is that they were so happy with the work, they commissioned me to do another artwork for them…

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  1. David Richards Reply


    Your designs work wonderfully in our house. We are amazed with their stunning beauty daily. We have finally established the high-end residential front door business and will be in touch with you. We want to commission a series of glass panels.

    Regards David and Lynne

    • Rachel Reply

      Hi David and Lynne, Thanks so much for your kind words, I’m so glad you’re still enjoying the windows. That’s really exciting news about your new company, I’ve had a look at the website – exciting stuff! I’d love to make some glass panels for you – look forward to chatting about the possibilities.
      best wishes

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