I’m currently working on the creation of wall panels and glass balustrade for the Headworks pumping station on Bridlington’s South Promenade. Yorkshire Water are undertaking a major programme of work to improve bathing water in Bridlington, and this commission is to be sited on a new extension to the Headworks building.

The 1st of May 2013 was the first day of the bathing season, and so it seemed appropriate to choose this date as the one on which to take a ‘snapshot’ of contemporary seafront life. This ‘snapshot’ is the starting point for the commission. The artwork will feature ‘found text’ extracted from photographs of the seafront and harbour, along with drawings based on an old sailing cobble, The Three Brothers, which was being restored at the time.

I’m a proper fan of collaborations, and for this project I’m working with Adrian Riley of Electric Angel Design, a typography whizz and an artist/designer I’ve collaborated with many a time previously. I’m also working with artist Jojo Holmes, who was brought on board as a result of his ¬†interest in collecting narratives through photographic images.

The Headworks project has it’s very own blog, so if you fancy following developments in more detail go to www.bridlingtonheadworks.com

The images below show (from top down): a sketch of the Headworks, new extension and beach huts; a photograph of the Headworks pumping station as it is now; an abstract detail of the concrete surface, shadows and railings; the Three Brothers being restored; and images of found text from the harbour.