Today I’m packing a bathroom window ready for shipping to Houston, Texas! It’s my first international commission so I’m pretty excited about it. The client came to my studio this weekend to see it for the first time and was suitably pleased. Phew! These photos of the window panel propped up in my studio show how it changes under different lighting conditions. This is a quality that is central to my work. I strive to create artworks that are constantly changing with the varying lighting conditions, whether that be natural sunlight or artificial. The window is made from a single sheet of mirror with sandblasting front and back to create the tree silhouette imagery.


Areas of clear glass glint and reflect the light from the studio window.


Back-lit by daylight the silver mirror branches appear silhouetted. Sandblasted branches on the front glass surface create a layer of subtle grey tone.

Front sandblasting over the silhouetted mirror branch creates a soft blurry image. Crisp sections are visible through branch shapes left as clear shiny glass.

The glass against a dark wall simulates a night-time view. The piece does a light to dark reversal. The silver mirror branch now reflects internal light and appears white on a dark background.

Thanks to Jason fromĀ Sign Experience, Scarborough, for help with the vinyl sandblasting masks.



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