On a very crisp and beautiful January morning I visited the lovely Runswick Bay to help with the delivery and installation of a ‘seascape’ themed screen. With large sea-facing windows streaming light into a very special house overlooking the spectacular views of the east coast – I wanted the design to maximise all of this potential – and project an ever-changing story by using the cast shadows. Along with the seagulls and water ripples it features Rudyard Kipling’s poem ‘The Sea And The Hills’ and this part of the design was eased by collaborating, once again, with typography whizz Adrian Riley from Electric Angel.

The screen which was commissioned as a dividing wall to an en-suite bathroom was fabricated using sandblasted and silvered glass by the Wiltshire outfit Proto Studios.

* Hoping to bring you more images of the screen once the house has been fully completed and the builder’s dust has settled.