Sea Swim Residency

  What a rare treat it was to hang out at Scarborough's Sea Swim hut on the south bay as part of their summer residency spots; and finally get round to doing some freeform drawing. Funded by the innovative program Imove, Sea Swim believes that swimming can invigorate both the mind and the body – and collaborates with regional artists to explore the creatively liberating effects of being so close to the North Sea. As part of my weekend in and around the beach hut I wanted to return to my studies on…Read more

Canterbury Cathedral

    One of the highlights of 2012 was being shortlisted for the Garfield Weston Foundation Canterbury Cathedral Competition run by the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust. Simply being considered for the role of creating a one-off designed window in Canterbury Cathedral, where many of the original windows are still going strong some 800 years after they were crafted, was a huge privilege. And with a trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site the whole experience was a wonderful adventure. My ideas for the design in the cloister centred around the daily lives of the…Read more

Bathroom window – Houston Texas

Today I'm packing a bathroom window ready for shipping to Houston, Texas! It's my first international commission so I'm pretty excited about it. The client came to my studio this weekend to see it for the first time and was suitably pleased. Phew! These photos of the window panel propped up in my studio show how it changes under different lighting conditions. This is a quality that is central to my work. I strive to create artworks that are constantly changing with the varying lighting conditions, whether that be natural sunlight or artificial.…Read more

York West Offices – public art – maps

I'm frantically designing artworks for a fab public art project in York. The City of York Council are moving offices - to a great building on the site of the original 'old' railway station, just inside the city walls from the current 'new' station. The new West Offices development is part renovation of the original station buildings and part new build including a canopy over where the railway lines were. The plans look great, it's going to be a stunning building. I'm making a large glass screen which will be part of a…Read more

The Studio Gallery, Scarborough

I was commissioned recently to make windows for the door and porch of The Studio Gallery, Scarborough. I was pleased that my contemporary style windows worked well within the Victorian architecture.                                                 The gallery is run by mixed media artist  Helen Birmingham and is a great addition to Scarborough's art scene, functioning as gallery, meeting place and flexible use space, with lovely studio flat available too. The gallery's website has…Read more